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Good Day My name is Pieter (ZS6PJE) Zulu Sierra Six Pappa Juliet Echo 
I got my taste of Radio communication when I was 4 years old inside a Peugeot 404 with a CB Radio Thanks to Vernon Vermeulen ZS6UU got my first Tedelex And 5/8 Penetrator with RG58X/U that I'm still using some cable on my 20m Inverted V Antenna.
Many years passed and one Christmas my father in-Law Mike Alberts V51MA gave me a ICOM IC 77 Tokyo HC100 SWR and Antenna
Covid19 hit South African shores and could only do my License in October of 2021 
I become a member of KARTS club for assisting in my HF assessment It was so nice I never left. Voted in as Technical Manager in the committee and this year my YL became Secretary 
I'm doing all modes SSB, FT8,FT4 VHF UHF ,Satellite busy building QO-100 next year will learn CW.

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