Honorary Life Members 

Barry Els (ZS6OY)
Selwyn Losinsky (ZS6SEL)
John Harding (ZS6JRH)

Arland Ussher Gold Pen Award

For the highest marks in the RAE
2020 Gary Cundill, ZS1GAR
2013 Richard Coppin (ZS6TAR) Class A
2013 Louis Schnetler (ZU6LG) Class B
2007 Clive Reeks (ZS6BT) Class A

Gary Immelmann RA Heritage Award Floating Trophy

Tim ZS6IM received this award which comes with a gold pen in recognition for his articles published in Radio ZS, 2015

SARL ICOM Excellence Award

2014 KARTS Support SARL 5mhz Propagation study project

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